Iron Belly Band Bio Pic
Iron Belly was formed in 2011, by Tim Cassidy and some friends. Jim Doyle, joined in March 2012 as a vocalist. Shortly thereafter, they found themselves without a guitar player, but wanting to trudge on. They made a collective decision, to keep moving forward and work as a 3 piece band. Jim kept singing, in addition to taking on the role of guitar player. At that time, Tim started singing as well, in addition to playing bass. Multi-instrumentalist, Jeremy Bussey, joined Iron Belly in March 2014, as the drummer, keyboard player and 3rd vocalist. Jeremy, rounded out the current lineup and he also helps out with a lot of the bands visual artwork. Over the course of the last 2.5 years, Iron Belly has been playing shows all over Michigan and finding their “sound”. Speaking of their sound, the most commonly used word that they hear, when describing how exactly they sound, is “different”. 3 vocalists, in a 3 piece band, where the drummer also plays keyboards, is something that is completely different and they must be seen live, to fully understand!